четверг 12. сентября 2019Leiden Sie an Neuropathie?

Polyneuropathie ist der Oberbegriff für bestimmte Erkrankungen des peripheren Nervensystems.[подробнее]

понедельник 25. января 2016The perfect shoe for prosthetic legs

On 11 September 1983, Jürgen Zeller, a former competitive athlete, lost both of his legs in a serious motorcycle accident. They were torn clean off. [подробнее]

пятница 06. сентября 2019New hiking models with "Strato Outdoor" sole

The well-known models Säntis, Matterhorn, Jungfrau and Rigi are now available on the second generation of the outdoor sole, the "Strato Outdoor". [подробнее]

среда 04. сентября 2019Primetime im Koreanischen TV: Gesundheitsgeheimnis von Karl Müller

Ein koreanischer Fernsehbeitrag mit spannenden und spassigen Einblicken in das Leben von Karl Müller und seiner Familie in Roggwil. Erleben Sie den 160-minütigen TV-Beitrag für sie zusammengefasst...[подробнее]

четверг 24. января 2019kybun produces the best volleyball shoe

It cushions jolts when landing after a jump, it is elastic springy, it has a non-slip sole, it is comfortable, trendy, relieves strain on joints and builds up deep muscles:[подробнее]

среда 21. августа 2019New: kybun Chiasso Black for men

kybun designed the modern, comfortable Chiasso Black to be reminiscent of mediaeval long-toed shoes. [подробнее]

среда 21. августа 2019New: kybun Aubonne Black / Black Poule for women

Make every step an adventure! [подробнее]

понедельник 01. декабря 2014Every step was agony

Rafaela Hayden has two horrific years behind her. A malposition of the foot meant she was in great pain. This made every step agony to her; she could hardly walk. [подробнее]

понедельник 12. октября 2015Using shoes to get rid of calluses

Christine Weisskirchen works the night shift at a hospital. She suffered for a long time from thick calluses and open areas on her feet. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Fit and mobile even at an advance age

Professor Karl Hecht is 92 years old, but he looks several years younger. He is a highly regarded medical expert in the fields of stress, sleep and aerospace travel and still gives regular lectures...[подробнее]

пятница 12. июля 2019New: kybunpark for men

The kybunpark Black appears on the new Tropo sole, the successor of the Cirrus sole. [подробнее]

среда 10. июля 2019New: kybun Vernier Black

The Vernier Black is distinguished by its sporty elegance. [подробнее]

среда 10. июля 2019New: kybunpark for women

The kybunpark Black appears on the popular Cirrus sole. [подробнее]

четверг 24. января 2019kybun World – a premier destination in eastern Switzerland

Take a tour of kybun World, a ‘healthy theme park’ where you can pass through a variety of informative and hands-on stations that cover healthy walking and standing.[подробнее]

четверг 24. января 2019Werner Zünd – The bedrock of FC St. Gallen

Rhine Valley native Werner Zünd stood on the touchline for 17 years as FC St. Gallen assistant coach. While head coaches have come and gone, he has remained. [подробнее]

четверг 24. января 2019FC St. Gallen groundsman is pain-free thanks to kybun

Ivan Bonderer from Bad Ragaz, Switzerland, is a groundsman at FC St. Gallen. His job sees him take around 25,000 steps each day. [подробнее]

четверг 24. января 2019Out and about for longer – all thanks to the kybun shoe

Reto Wambach is a freelance management consultant and lecturer. He used to suffer from back pain. [подробнее]

понедельник 07. мая 2018New: kybun Murten Brown

Whether taking time out or in the office, with the Murten Brown men’s shoe, you're always perfectly prepared. [подробнее]

понедельник 18. марта 2019New: kybun Köniz Grey & Tan for men

Stylish and elegant wherever you are.[подробнее]

среда 23. января 2019New: kybun Sion White

All year round you are light-footed and fashionably on the move in the closed women's model Sion White. [подробнее]

четверг 24. января 2019Reducing absences at work

The Wattenwil old people’s and nursing home actively supports the well-being of its staff.[подробнее]

четверг 24. января 2019Interview with Karl Müller about healthcare - Part 3

Is our population sick? Karl Müller talks about our health.[подробнее]

вторник 12. марта 2019New: Magglingen Grey

The Magglingen Grey appears on the new Tropo sole, successor of the Cirrus sole.[подробнее]

среда 23. января 2019New: kybun Bauma Fuchsia

The Bauma Fuchsia expands the Bauma collection with another trend colour and charms with its woven line design.[подробнее]

четверг 24. января 2019Interview with Karl Müller about healthcare - Part 2

"The people are under guardianship!" - Karl Müller talks about our health system.[подробнее]

среда 23. января 2019New: kybun Airolo Moon Rock

The Airolo Moon Rock is a sporty all-rounder.[подробнее]

четверг 24. января 2019Interview with Karl Müller about healthcare - Part 1

Karl Müller talks about the billion-dollar business of the healthcare sector. [подробнее]

четверг 24. января 2019Also at concerts Tess Remy stands on kybun

Concert cellist Tess Remy just changed from a plaster bandage to a ankle bandage when she was looking for a comfortable shoe for her concerts.[подробнее]

четверг 24. января 2019Matthias Hüppi – FC St. Gallen’s evangelist

Former TV presenter Matthias Hüppi is the new president of FC St. Gallen.[подробнее]

понедельник 07. мая 2018New: kybun Morcote Tin

The Morcote Tin is perfect for a summery outfit and convinces with its perfect combination of elegance and suitability for everyday use.[подробнее]

среда 23. января 2019New: kybun Tenero Grey

The Tenero Grey combines trendy grey tones with cheerful accents in pink.[подробнее]

среда 23. января 2019New: kybun Morcote Dark Silver

The Morcote Dark Silver on a black sole is the perfect companion for hot summer days.[подробнее]

четверг 24. января 2019Cedric Itten fights his way back to the football pitch after a shocking tackle

The FCSG attacker Cedric Itten tore the anterior cruciate ligament and medial collateral ligament in his right knee back in September 2018.[подробнее]

понедельник 07. мая 2018New: kybun Jona Black

The Jona Black appears in plain black, light-footed on the Cirrus sole. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Pain-free in spite of heel spurs

Ulrike Rausch suffers from heel spurs. She has seen four specialists in the hope of alleviating the pain.[подробнее]

вторник 29. января 2019New: kybun Vernier Indigo

The Vernier Indigo delights with its cheerful and timeless colour and adds a fashionable accent to the kybun collection.[подробнее]

New: kybun Vernier Sand

Whether in jeans, chinos or summery shorts: Vernier Sand completes every outfit.[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016The kybun diabetes shoe

kybun inventor and founder Karl Müller and medical professional Dr Wolfgang Laube discuss the benefits of the kybun shoe for diabetics.[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Movement is important: kybun mats in crèches

Children discover their strengths and develop self-confidence by means of their own bodies.[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Reducing hip, back and osteoarthritis pain

Stefan Venzin was taking painkillers to battle his severe hip and back pain. Despite this, he still was unable to stand or walk for long periods.[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Heidi Frei gets back on her feet

Heidi Frei suffered a stroke at the age of 35. She spent ten years fighting to get back on her feet, and had to relearn everything from scratch.[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016MS sufferer discovers miracle shoe

Dijana Dakovic of Horw, Switzerland, suffers from multiple sclerosis. This affects her vision, sense of balance and locomotor system.[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016The Samaritans discover kybun World

Esther Näf from Widnau, Switzerland, was chosen as the first Samaritan of the Year at an awards ceremony held at kybun World in Sennwald.[подробнее]

четверг 15. ноября 2018Goodbye, knee pain! Hiking in the kybun shoe is a true joy

Lucija Kaderli from Seftigen in Switzerland’s Bernese Highlands suffered from knee pain for a long time.[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Folk musician Christian Alder took inspiration from star athletes

Christian Alder of the ‘Sängerfreunde’ singing troupe repairs and sells household appliances as his day job.[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Paralysed on one side after a skiing accident – the kybun shoe softens the impact of every step

A serious skiing accident around 30 years ago abruptly changed Carlo Bachmann’s life. Ever since, he has been paralysed on one side of his body. For five years, he spent four hours a day in the gym,...[подробнее]

пятница 27. апреля 2018FC St. Gallen: Lüchinger and Koch get back in shape quickly with kybun

Two of FC St. Gallen’s defenders, Nicolas Lüchinger and Philippe Koch, each had to undergo an operation.[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Reducing the pain of erythromelalgia with air cushions

Michel from Wetzikon, Switzerland, suffers from the extremely rare vascular disease erythromelalgia. For a long time, he has barely left his home because of the pain, swelling and burning sensations...[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Sitting was yesterday – standing is the future

Since he started working while standing on a kybun mat, Patrick Oppliger has stopped getting headaches. [подробнее]

четверг 27. сентября 2018Weniger Verletzte dank kybun

FCSG setzt seit bald zehn Jahren erfolgreich auf kybun[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Standing up at work – keeping feet and backs healthy

Heavy legs, burning feet and back problems – familiar problems for employees in standing professions. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016From the Cantonal Court to self-employment

Thomas van Haaften worked for the Cantonal Court of Zurich for 26 years. At the age of 48, he decided to change careers and took the plunge into the world of self-employment.[подробнее]

понедельник 07. мая 2018New: kybun Heiden Black

This traditional, understated and neutral shoe with a hook-and-pile (Velcro) fastener is perfect for health-conscious wearers.[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Heel spurs and slipped discs: Shoe alleviates pain

Samuel Gerber had to use crutches until recently because the pain he suffered was so severe. Neither insoles nor therapies alleviated the pain in his heels.[подробнее]

понедельник 07. мая 2018New: kybun Nyon Navy

Dress up your feet: fashionable, cheerful and cheeky.[подробнее]

понедельник 07. мая 2018New: kybun Vals Black for men and women

Especially for diabetics, after an operation or in the case of swollen feet[подробнее]

понедельник 30. апреля 2018Interview with kybun partner Danny Katzir

kybun partner Danny Katzir had the pleasure of introducing the kybun shoe during a TV show in Israel. [подробнее]

понедельник 30. апреля 2018Interview with kybun partner Danny Katzir

kybun partner Danny Katzir had the pleasure of introducing the kybun shoe during a TV show in Israel. [подробнее]

понедельник 30. апреля 2018Interview with kybun partner Danny Katzir (Kopie 3)

kybun partner Danny Katzir had the pleasure of introducing the kybun shoe during a TV show in Israel. [подробнее]

понедельник 30. апреля 2018Interview with Dr. med. Sabine Bleuel

What does the specialist for orthopaedics and trauma surgery have to say about the kybun concept? [подробнее]

понедельник 30. апреля 2018Interview with kybun partner Danny Katzir

kybun partner Danny Katzir had the pleasure of introducing the kybun shoe during a TV show in Israel.[подробнее]

понедельник 30. апреля 2018Interview with kybun partner Danny Katzir

kybun partner Danny Katzir had the pleasure of introducing the kybun shoe during a TV show in Israel.[подробнее]

понедельник 07. мая 2018New: kybun Airolo Anthracite

The Airolo Anthracite is a sporty all-rounder for everyday use.[подробнее]

понедельник 07. мая 2018New: kybun Carouge Graphite

The Carouge Graphite is a fashionable companion for trend-conscious men who appreciate both design and practicality. [подробнее]

понедельник 30. апреля 2018kybun pain program - Standing in the workplace

Standing in the workplace[подробнее]

вторник 12. февраля 2019New: kybun Tessin Indigo W

The colourful “Tessin” sandal is perfect not only for everyday use on hot days, but also as an indoor shoe all year round.[подробнее]

вторник 12. февраля 2019New: kybun Genf 17 Black

Turning gold into silver – these Genf ladies’ sandals are now available with silver studs.[подробнее]

пятница 27. апреля 2018kybun knee exercise set – Standing knee exercises (8/8)

Standing knee exercises[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016The secret of successful shop assistants

Anyone who works while standing will know that your legs and back always hurt by the end of the day. Poor posture and hard surfaces are usually the culprits.[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016kybun knee exercise set – Standing up exercises part 2 (7/8)

Knee exercises for first thing in the morning[подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kybun Sion Peach W

The Sion Peach W simply radiates colour, freshness and joy.[подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kybun Fribourg Black W

Black is far from just being elegant alone,[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Pain-free with a new pair of work shoes

Bettina Forrer works as a waitress. For years, she suffered from foot and back pain after long days at work.[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016kybun knee exercise set – Standing up exercises Part 1 (6/8)

Knee exercises for first thing in the morning[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016A healthy posture for office work

Many people adopt the wrong posture when sitting at their desk. Christoph Kempter, CEO of SOPAC AG in St. Gallen, Switzerland, certainly found this to be the case.[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016kybun knee exercise set – The the Saigon squat (5/8)

Learn to do the ‘Saigon squat’ in just a few steps[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016kybun knee exercise set – The knee relaxation exercise (4/8)

Exercises for painless walking [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016kybun knee exercise set – Exercises while walking - Part 2 (3/8)

Do you want to live a life free from pain, even though you suffer from arthrosis?[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016kybun knee exercise set – Exercises while walking - Part 1 (2/8)

Do you want to live a life free from pain, even though you suffer from arthrosis?[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016kybun knee exercise set – Introduction (1/8)

Do you want to live a life free from pain, even though you suffer from arthrosis?[подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kybun Arbon Brown W

A sandal that leaves you counting the days until summer. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016kybun World – Where high-tech shoes are made

kybun World in Sennwald offers you the opportunity to experience first-hand how air-cushion shoes are produced in Switzerland.[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016A smash hit – A new insole for kybun shoes

Peter Wild is happy: The new kybun sole not only relieves his pain, but also provides him with a general sense of wellbeing. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Feel like you’re bouncing on a trampoline in your everyday life

The key to freedom from pain lies in a springy, elastic trampoline bouncing movement. Swiss mechanical engineer Karl Müller is convinced that this key movement can alleviate back, hip, knee and foot...[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Michael Hirte on his accident and his victory on ‘Das Supertalent’

Ten years ago, millions of people watched the harmonica player Michael Hirte win the second series of the talent show ‘Das Supertalent’, broadcast on German TV by RTL. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Back pain eradicated by using kybun shoes instead of insoles

Philipp Scheuble, the mayor of a Swiss municipality named Rüthi, has been suffering from back pain for many years. His back felt painful whenever he stood for more than ten minutes. His doctor had...[подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kyBoot Rigi Aqua W

Ready to go trekking or on an outdoor adventure? The versatile Rigi Aqua W is a real eyecatcher. Thanks to its non-slip, high-grip sole, the customer enjoys a very comfortable hiking experience, like...[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016How Alpine wrestler Stefan Burkhalter recovers after sport

Stefan Burkhalter lives in the Swiss canton of Thurgau and even though he is 43 years old, he is still one of Switzerland’s best Alpine wrestlers. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Play sports free of pain with the kyBoot

Irene Millard-Faude and Ruth Bloch live in Australia. On a trip home to Switzerland, they visited the World of walk-on-air in Sennwald and watched how the kyBoot Swiss air-cushion shoes are made in...[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Patient recovers from a brain haemorrhage and trains like a top athlete

Urs Künzler suffered a brain haemorrhage and was confined to a wheelchair due to one-sided paralysis. [подробнее]

четверг 07. декабря 2017New: Leuk Black W

No such thing as comfortable and elegant? Then you’ve never seen our traditional, playful Leuk style.[подробнее]

четверг 07. декабря 2017New: Lancy Black W

The Lancy Black W stands out with its elegant sporty look. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Relieved feet at last

Sheri has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for years. She got used to her feet cramping up when she was walking. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Treatment result amazes physiotherapists

Physiotherapist, Romeo Botta, has had an astounding experience with KyBoot air cushion shoes. His patient, Christine Muchenberger, was alleviated of her foot pain within a very short space of time by...[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Cosy feet despite Siberian temperatures

Kandid Hofstetter travelled 90 kilometres on foot across ice and snow at the Lake Baikal Crossing in Russia. Temperatures reached depths of minus 30 degrees.[подробнее]

четверг 07. декабря 2017New: kyBoot Caslano Anthracite M

The kyBoot Caslano Anthracite M can be combined with various items, and has an attractive casual look.[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Miracle shoe alleviates hip pain and heel spurs

Paul Hoffmann didn’t believe it was possible. Yet, by wearing the air-cushion shoe, he has significantly reduced his hip and heel pain.[подробнее]

среда 29. ноября 2017kyBoot-Outlet-Modelle ab CHF 60.- : «Es hät, solangs hät»

Rechtzeitig auf die Adventszeit wartet der Schweizer Luftkissen-Schuh-Hersteller kybun mit einer einmaligen Aktion auf. Ab Samstag, 2. Dezember, gibt es im kyBoot-Shop der «World of walk-on-air» an...[подробнее]

понедельник 27. ноября 2017Dem Schmerz davonlaufen

Der Gesundheitspark «World of walk-on-air» der Kybun AG in Sennwald lädt Jung und Alt zur Steigerung der eigenen Fitness sowie zum Wiedererlangen der Beweglichkeit ein. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016The perfect shoe for long days of service

The Alpine descent in Seewis, a municipality in the Swiss region of Prättigau, attracts hundreds of spectators each year.[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016No more ankle joint pain

Glenda Scargins had to undergo ankle joint arthrodesis. Ever since that operation, she has suffered from pain in her ankle joint. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Special shoe for Parkinson’s patient

Johann Brülisauer from Teufen in Switzerland has been suffering from Parkinson’s disease for years. He wears a special sole to help minimise the various symptoms, which include stiffness, immobility...[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Improving vertigo with the kyBoot

Eddy Steel broke his ankle, and had been suffering from vertigo since his stroke. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Thanks to the kyBoot, the pain has disappeared

Wilhelm Pahls had been suffering from severe back pain. It got to the point where he could no longer walk, and during his trip to Bolivia, he needed to see a doctor for emergency treatment.[подробнее]

понедельник 23. октября 2017Marion Weibel ist die neue Thurgauer Apfelkönigin (copy 1)

Vor rund 4'000 Zuschauern wurde die 26-jährige Marion Weibel zur Thurgauer Apfelkönigin 2017/18 gewählt. Moderiert wurde die Show vom Thurgauer Fernsehmoderator Reto Scherrer.[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016How to stand comfortably for long periods of time at a trade fair booth

Hermann Baur spent ten days on his feet at his trade fair booth at the BEA in Bern, Switzerland. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Arthrosis pain following a professional fencing career

Ernest Lamon was a professional épée fencer who won the Swiss championships ten times over the course of his career. However, the sport took a painful toll on his body. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016What to do next following operation to repair herniated disc

Samuel Schilt works as technical building manager at the Centre for Medical Training in Bern. He was experiencing severe pain, making it necessary to have a surgical implant placed between his sixth...[подробнее]

пятница 15. сентября 2017Casting der Thurgauer Apfelkönigin 2017/2018

Am Mittwoch fand der jährliche Vorentscheid der Thurgauer Apfelkönigin im kybun Tower statt.[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Standing comfortably

Alex Zenhäusern is a telematics specialist at Elektro Frei Rheintal AG. He spends a large amount of his time at work standing in front of his computer – and on the springy elastic kybun mat.[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Free of pain again after multiple hip operations

Marco Sessa had been suffering from pain for quite some time. He first had operations performed on his left, and, later on, on his right hip. A short time later, he was forced to undergo surgery to...[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Staff at Staubern are floating on air

The Staubern restaurant in the Alpstein massif is a popular destination. Staff there are on their feet for over 12 hours serving hikers and sightseers on nice days.[подробнее]

среда 30. августа 2017Strom für 50 Haushalte

Der Schweizer Luftkissenschuh - Hersteller kybun erbaut eine 42 Meter hohe Windkraftanlage. Der Spatenstich dazu fand kürzlich statt.[подробнее]

среда 30. августа 2017Schuh-­Hersteller baut Windanlage

Bei der Produktionsstätte des Schweizer Luftkissen-­Schuh-­Herstellers Kybun in Sennwald entsteht eine 42 Meter hohe Windkraftanlage. Mit dieser soll Strom für etwa 50 Haushalte produziert werden....[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Hiking shoes that reduce arthritis pain

Hansruedi Siegrist suffers from severe arthritis pain in his right knee. He nearly had to give up his dream of climbing Kilimanjaro, which measures 5,895 metres, for that reason. [подробнее]

понедельник 21. августа 2017Bewegungspark unter freiem Himmel auf 1633 Metern

Seit Anfang Juli steht der Swiss Move Park auf 1633 Metern Höhe im Pizolgebiet zur Verfügung, um sich hier wohltuend zu bewegen.[подробнее]

понедельник 21. августа 2017SwissMovePark auf dem Pizol eingeweiht

Der neue SwissMove-Park auf Pardiel ist im Rahmen eines Testivals offiziell eingeweiht worden. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Accident victim can walk again

Rosalba Jäggi was in a serious car accident over 20 years ago and had to undergo several operations as a result. The prognosis was devastating. “The doctors told me that I wouldn’t be able to walk...[подробнее]

понедельник 14. августа 2017Gesundheitsberg Pizol

Mit der Eröffnung des Swiss-Move-Parks auf Pardiel hat der Pizol einen weiteren Schritt in Richtunng «Gesundheitsberg der Schweiz» gemacht. Das Thema passt perfekt zum Kurort Bad Ragaz.[подробнее]

воскресенье 13. августа 2017Testival SwissMove Park

Auf dem Pizol-Pardiel bietet sich sportbegeisterten Personen seit Kurzem eine neue attraktive Möglichkeit sich fit zu halten. 1633 Meter über dem Meer wartet der SwissMovePark auf Besucher, die ihr...[подробнее]

четверг 10. августа 2017«Testival» mit Heinzer und Schmed

Morgen Samstag wird der neue Bewegungspark SwissMovePark auf dem Pizol vorgestellt. Mit dabei sind auch der ehemalige Abfahrtsweltmeister Franz Heinzer und der Sarganser Skirennfahrer Fernando Schmed[подробнее]

четверг 27. июля 201716'000 nutzlose Knie-Eingriffe pro Jahr

Ärzte in der Schweiz führen häufig Meniskus-Teilentfernungen durch – obwohl diese den Patienten nichts bringen.[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Wearing the kybun shoe at the Swiss national sports days

The Swiss national tournament days are being held on 9 and 10 September 2017 in Eschenbach, Lucerne. [подробнее]

среда 12. июля 2017FCSG-Partner und Sponsoren erleben die World of Walk on air

Das Saison Kick Off des FC St.Gallen fand zum ersten Mal bei kybun statt. FCSG-Partner und Sponsoren hatten vorab die Gelegenheit die World of Walk on air in Sennwald zu erleben und die Vorzüge der...[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Relieving pain following a tendon injury

Peter Zwahlen has been experiencing high levels of pain following a tendon injury. The injury occurred when the gifted mule carer was on a long ride about ten years ago. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Unevenness under foot is absorbed by the sole

Hans-Peter Schmid from Zurich has been blind from a young age. Because he can’t see the ground, he takes in information through his feet. And this is exactly what made him sceptical about trying...[подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kyBoot Thun Black M

kyBoot Thun Black M – classic, timeless, elegant[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Standing for hours on end without pain

As a market stall owner, Oliver Martin often spends hours on end selling his magenbrot and soft-serve ice cream. In the past, the owner of Martin Confiserie Manufaktur quickly developed tired and...[подробнее]

четверг 19. марта 2015New: kyBoot Cirrus DXB Blue-Yellow W & Cirrus JFK Blue-Grey M

The kyBoot Cirrus DXB Blue-Yellow W & Cirrus JFK Blue-Grey M are models from the 2017 spring collection and features the newly launched kyBoot Cirrus sole. [подробнее]

четверг 08. июня 2017Besichtigung kybun, World of walk-an -air

Am 30. Mai 2017 besichtigte die Gemeindeverwaltung die ortsansässige Firma kybun, World of walk-on-air[подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kyBoot Melide Black W

kyBoot Melide Black W – Flit lightly through the summer![подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Running a shop without any pain in the feet

As the owner of Albert Suhner AG, Michael Eugster is on his feet for at least ten hours every day. Until recently, he suffered from pain in the soles of his feet and had tired legs on a daily basis. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Relieving the body from the strain of long periods of standing

Werner Keusen sells specialist Italian food and wholefoods at his shop and at trade fairs. His work requires him to be on his feet for hours at a time. [подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kyBoot Luzern 17 Caviar W

kyBoot Luzern 17 Caviar W – movement in style![подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Training the deep inner muscles at work without even noticing

As a speaker and trainer, Haeme Ulrich is often on his feet.[подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kyBoot Baden Black W

kyBoot Baden Black W – Comfortable and elegant for your everyday life[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016A glassblower who suffered from back pain

Josef Städler has a glassblowing studio and a shop that sells glassware in Gossau, Switzerland. He had been suffering from severe back pain for a long time.[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Special feeling of comfort when walking in spite of knee operation

Margrith Sibold had an operation on her knee joint three years ago. In spite of this operation, the 73-year-old pensioner always has a lightness in her step when she is walking. [подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kyBoot Tessin Beige W

The kyBoot Tessin Beige W is a real charmer with an elegant palette of colours.[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Arthritis pain has been miraculously eliminated

Remo Pedron used to suffer from severe pain in his toes due to arthritis. He tried out various treatments to overcome this pain, but he never managed to find a solution that worked until he came...[подробнее]

четверг 19. марта 2015New: kyBoot Lancy White W & kyBoot Caslano Navy M

The kyBoot Lancy White W and Caslano Navy M are models from the 2017 spring collection and features the newly launched kyBoot Cirrus sole. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Dancing without pain in spite of a nerve inflammation in the forefoot

Daniela Bäder, who works as a dance teacher in Graubünden, Switzerland, suffers from Morton’s neuroma, a nerve inflammation in her foot. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Bunion operation successfully averted

Lussia Zäch suffered from pain due to damage in her lumbar vertebrae and the bunion in her foot for many years. Even walking short distances would quickly become unbearably painful. However, she also...[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Free of bunion pain without an operation

Even after walking just a few metres, Arthur Rusch was in so much pain that he didn’t want to walk another step. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016No more sacral joint pain

Caroline Winter had been suffering from severe sacral joint pain ever since the birth of her daughter. Visits to an osteopath and a regular fitness regime allowed her to keep the pain temporarily at...[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Taking a football stadium as an opportunity

The FC St. Gallen stadium was rechristened ‘kybunpark’ in the summer of 2016. Who is kybun, and what does it do? Schweiz aktuell got to take a look behind the scenes.[подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kyBoot Jungfrau 17 Peanut W

The Jungfrau 17 Peanut W is the follow-up model to the kyBoot Jungfrau Peanut W. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Nurses also need to take care of themselves

Nurses are always on their feet, helping their fellow human beings. They ensure the well-being of their patients, day in and day out, while often forgetting about themselves. [подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kyBoot Rigi Orange W

Ready for a trekking or outdoor adventure? The kyBoot Rigi Orange W is highly versatile. Thanks to its newly developed sole, it provides customers with an even more enjoyable hiking experience. [подробнее]

четверг 15. декабря 2016Wie die Profis

Was halten die Fans davon, dass kybun den FC St.Gallen nun in die weite Welt hinaus trägt? [подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kyBoot Matterhorn 17 Olive M

The kyBoot Matterhorn 17 Olive M is the follow-up model to the kyBoot Matterhorn Olive M.[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Strolling down the streets of Berlin without pain

Entrepreneur Wilfried Franz suffered from knee pain for years. He used to have to avoid taking long walks in order to spare his legs. [подробнее]

четверг 19. марта 2015kyBoot St. Gallen Green-White

We are pleased to introduce this unique green and white kyBoot. The players at FC St.Gallen 1879, the oldest football club in Switzerland (and mainland Europe!) have been relying on kybun products...[подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kyBoot Säntis Black M

Ready for a trekking or outdoor adventure? The kyBoot Säntis Black W is highly versatile. Thanks to its newly developed sole, it provides customers with an even more enjoyable hiking experience. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016New factory experience has opened

The World of walk-on-air factory experience opened its doors on 10 September 2016 in Sennwald, Switzerland. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Relaxed and pain-free after a day of work

Matthias Schmid is head of the Schmid-Fehr AG print shop in the Swiss municipality of Goldach, near Lake Constance. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016Standing dynamically improves productivity

The kybun mat allows you to improve your fitness during every working hour. [подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kyBoot Zurzach Chocolate W

Elegant brown with a classic design: kybun AG is introducing the Zurzach Chocolate W model, which it developed by giving a simple new design to a classic model.[подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016kyTrainer – A unique, multifunctional physiotherapy device

The soft, springy kyTrainer treadmill from kybun is a multifunctional physiotherapy device that is the only one of its kind in the world. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016A pregnancy free of complaints – recommendations from a specialist

Pregnancy can be very hard work for a woman’s body, since the joints and muscles are put under a great deal of strain. [подробнее]

четверг 29. сентября 2016A pregnancy free of complaints

Liz Tödtli is eagerly awaiting her first child. Since being pregnant, she moves more consciously. To avoid back pain and swollen legs, she relies on her kyBoot Swiss air-cushion shoes. [подробнее]

понедельник 22. августа 2016Shoes that reduce arthritis pain

Arnold Graf, from Sonnenbräu, a traditional brewery in Rheintal, Switzerland, has been suffering from arthritis pain in his knees for many years. [подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kyBoot Basel Onyx W

The kyBoot Basel Onyx W in glossy black has a stylish, elegant look that is universally pleasing.[подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kyBoot, Arosa Black W

The kyBoot Arosa Black W ankle boot boasts an urban style, emphasised by its rounded shaft, silver eyelets and decorative seam.[подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kyBoot Sursee Grey M

The sporty all-rounder. The kyBoot Sursee Grey M convinces with its sporty appearance. [подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kyBoot Zug Caviar M

With its simple, elegant design, the kyBoot Zug Caviar M is the perfect Business shoe. [подробнее]

понедельник 13. июня 2016Young floorball player suffers from heel spurs

Tobias Sturzenegger is passionate about floorball. Aside from school, the sport is the most important thing in his life. In spite of his love for sports and his camaraderie with his teammates, he...[подробнее]

среда 18. мая 2016FCSG Stadion wird zum kybunpark

Weitere Details zum aktuellen Ereignis finden sie hier.

пятница 13. мая 2016Happy in spite of heel spurs

As a professional chef, Roger Christen is on his feet for over ten hours every day. He usually moves about on a hard floor in a very small space. The work became almost unbearable once he developed a...[подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kyBoot Carouge Sand M

Fashionable, functional and a holiday for your feet[подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kyBoot Vevey Sand W

Light, elegant and sporty at the same time[подробнее]

понедельник 18. апреля 2016New: kyBoot Dongnae Champagne W

kyBoot Dongnae Champagne W: Summery, beaming, with that certain something[подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kyBoot, Bauma Blue & Bauma Sand W

kyBoot Bauma W: Fresh, youthful and sporty[подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kyBoot Montreux Blue M

Enjoy the spring and summer with the new kyBoot models! Pamper your feet with the soft-elastic feeling of the Swiss air-cushion shoe, plus the new fashionable freshness and functional features. Find...[подробнее]

вторник 05. апреля 2016Introducing movement to school!

The Tipiti school in the Appenzell region in Trogen, Switzerland, is trying something new. They are implementing an innovative pedagogical approach that allows the pupils to move freely in the...[подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kyBoot, Interlaken Navy M & Ascona Sand W

Airy and light![подробнее]

четверг 10. марта 2016kyBoot shoes get everyone moving – even if you prefer the couch

Bänz Fiechter recently started work as a coach driver. The 54-year-old previously ran the ‘Wäck’ hotel and restaurant in Emmental, a well-known entertainment venue, for 26 years. [подробнее]

вторник 01. марта 2016Wir suchen den Gewinner der Herzen!

Wir wollen von Ihnen wissen, welcher Verein der Gewinner der Herzen werden soll - Ihre Stimme zählt![подробнее]

пятница 26. февраля 2016kyBoot brings relief and reduces pain

Lydia Zurfluh works in the Uetendorfberg living and working centre for people with speech impairments and multiple disabilities in Switzerland.[подробнее]

пятница 19. февраля 2016Shoes that make canes obsolete

For a very long time, Louis Engler needed a cane in order to walk. After a half-hour walk, he would already feel exhausted and the pain was unbearable. [подробнее]

четверг 14. января 2016FC St. Gallen players train with kybun products

FC St. Gallen regularly demonstrates its skills in front of thousands of spectators. The fitness of players is not just a matter of chance. [подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kyBoot Uri Black M

This popular slip-on is now available in black! [подробнее]

вторник 30. июня 2015New: kyBoot Glarus Black W

This popular slip-on is now available in black! [подробнее]

суббота 19. декабря 2015Working with a spring in your step – thanks to the kyBoot

Being on your feet all day and still coming home relaxed is a dream for many people with jobs where you’re required to stand all day. [подробнее]

среда 09. декабря 2015The kyBoot at the Tennis European Championships

Hansruedi Widmer is the Swiss Senior Tennis Champion. For several years now, the 70-year-old has been plagued by discomfort in his knees due to tears in the meniscus. [подробнее]

среда 02. декабря 2015kyBoot – For increased health and fitness at work

As a porter at a five-star hotel in Bern, Switzerland, Bayram Aktas is on his feet all day. He began feeling pain at some point and bought a pair of air-cushion kyBoot shoes. [подробнее]

четверг 12. ноября 2015Pain sufferer smiling again

Following a serious Achilles tendon operation, Duc Huynh of Interlaken, Switzerland no longer had any feeling in the ankle joint. [подробнее]

понедельник 26. октября 2015Walking through pregnancy with light-weight, fashionable footwear.

Rahel Beusch first came across kyBoot Swiss air-cushion shoes when she experienced health problems during pregnancy. The light-weight, comfortable shoes impressed her from the very first step and she...[подробнее]

понедельник 05. октября 2015kyBoot shoes make walking easier

Ursula and Roger Langel live high above Lake Thun on the idyllic Le Rüdli country estate. The pair both suffered bad accidents on separate occasions. [подробнее]

четверг 24. сентября 2015Beat Jäger would give up his shoes last of all

Have you ever considered what the last thing you would part with would be? Is it your smartphone, a souvenir or a piece of jewellery you are particularly fond of? [подробнее]

понедельник 21. сентября 2015New: kyBoot Mendrisio Black M

The kyBoot Mendrisio Black evolves from the kyBoot Seoul Sand. The black leather version redefines this fashionable shoe and accordingly its appeal to a wider audience. The ankle-high kyBoot is...[подробнее]

понедельник 21. сентября 2015New: kyBoot Bern Onyx W

The optics of the kyBoot Bern Onyx take on the latest trend. The decorative patterns, combined with patent leather make the kyBoot Bern Onyx a flashy, yet understated shoe. Simply chic and elegant...[подробнее]

четверг 17. сентября 2015Alternative to hip replacement

Giovanni De Vito, born in Sicily, has been taking painkillers for several years due to his hip problems.[подробнее]

пятница 11. сентября 2015Neither medicine nor doctors could help Jürg Wrubel with his pain

Zurich native Jürg Wrubel has had a few hip and back operations, but he is still in an unbearable amount of pain. His doctors and therapists are at a loss. [подробнее]

четверг 10. сентября 2015Auf den Füssen lernt sich's besser!

Was Hänschen nicht bewegt, bewegt Hans nimmermehr. Kinder brauchen Bewegung – auch während dem Unterricht. Denn Sitzen senkt nicht nur den Energieverbrauch, sondern führt auch zu schlechteren...[подробнее]

пятница 11. сентября 2015Thomas Ammann is fit for the Federal Palace

Thomas Ammann, the St. Gallen Cantonal Representative and President of the commune of Rüthi, is running for the Swiss Council of States and the National Council.[подробнее]

понедельник 31. августа 2015USD / EUR 40 for your old hiking or trekking shoes

kyBoot exchange campaign from 1 September to 31 October 2015 Experience the joys of hiking even more with kyBoot hiking shoes. Exchange, save money and experience the amazing feeling of...[подробнее]

пятница 28. августа 2015Incredible: A pain-free hiking trip not long after a knee operation

René Meier’s story sounds unbelievable. The keen hiker had to undergo a complicated operation due to a knee problem.[подробнее]

среда 26. августа 2015Beauty queens want celebrity photographer’s shoes

Gian Kaufmann has turned his passion into his job. The photographer from Rheintal, Switzerland, works for companies and at weddings and VIP events.[подробнее]

вторник 18. августа 2015No more knee pain

Pensioner Heidi Sommer has a partial knee replacement. She experiences such severe pain when walking that she can only manage to take a few steps at a time. [подробнее]