Back pain

Back pain is a very common complaint that assumes downright epidemic proportions according to the latest statistical surveys. Nearly 80 per cent of all adults are affected. 70 per cent of the pain occurs in the lumbar region. Nearly two-thirds of all the costs of chronic illness are incurred as a result of back pain. This equates to around 2 million francs in Switzerland. The condition is therefore the most expensive non-fatal illness. Lumbago and herniated discs are common even in young people.

Many different therapy options are available for back pain. Rest, immobilisation or even operations are often recommended. kybun pursues a different philosophy: differentiated, subtle and targeted exercise as self-therapy.


Back pain refers to all degrees of pain in the area of the back, entirely independent of the cause. In technical terms one speaks of dorsalgia and low back pain (lumbalgia/lumbago; pain in the area of the lumbar spine) to further define the localisation.

  • Acute back pain: less than 6 weeks
  • Subacute back pain: 6 to 12 weeks
  • Chronic back pain: more than 12 weeks

Lumbago also refers to sudden, stabbing pain in the back that is triggered by an irritation of the sensitive spinal column innervation, i.e. the nerves that supply the spinal column itself. Low back pain is often acute, initially segmental, usually stabbing, frequently associated with a feeling of paralysis, constrained posture, inability to move, persistent muscle tension, spinal process pressure pain etc. After an interval with minimal pain, a transition to a chronic form may occur. It is not always possible to distinguish from nerve root irritations such as sciatica. Doctors sometimes speak of ‘pseudoradicular syndrome’ when the painful area radiates but does not coincide with the dermatome of a spinal nerve.


  • Poor, one-sided body posture (e.g. computer work).
    This leads to muscle tension and shortening, affecting the hip flexor in particular (M. Iliopsoas). As a result, the spinal column, beginning with the lumbar spine, is drawn into a hunched posture, which is unnatural and damages the spine (especially the intervertebral discs).
  • Weakened back musculature due to an everyday relieving posture (a lot of sitting or standing in one place, little day-to-day activity or no sports to balance)
  • One-sided excessive muscle strain during physical labour (e.g. construction work)

    Secondary and other causes:

  • Blockages (e.g. of the iliosacral joint)
  • Vertebral fracture
  • Herniated disc
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Sliding vertebra
  • Degenerative diseases (osteochondrosis)
  • Inflammatory illnesses (Scheuermann’s disease, Bechterew’s disease)
  • Tumour
  • Internal illnesses (Head’s zones)
  • Psychosomatic problems

Long-term consequences

One-sided or unfavourable body posture leads to excessive back strain. When excessive strain is placed on the back, it responds over time with pain or blockages that can later lead to chronic pain, wear (e.g. herniated discs) or problems in other body regions.

Conventional therapy

  • Analgesics (painkillers)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Rest/immobilisation
  • Operation

The kybun principle of operation – being proactive

Muscle strengthening and stretching in the kybun shoe
The kybun shoe has a soft, elastic sole that does not limit foot mobility but provides full freedom for unrestricted movement in all directions. Standing on the soft, elastic surface with the associated instability in the kybun shoe trains the muscular system and straightens the body. A one-sided relieving posture is prevented. The load on both sides of the body is even, which counteracts tension. The foot can move freely while walking the way nature intended. By eliminating the heel, the foot sinks deep into the sole even on hard, flat surfaces. This stretches and relaxes the musculature.

Upright posture on the kybun mat
Sitting for long periods of time, especially with poor posture, puts one-sided strain on the muscles and spinal column. Underused muscles get weaker and shorten over time. On the other hand, muscles under excessive one-sided strain respond by tensing up. This leads to neck, hip and back pain, and subsequently to further malpositions.

The muscles are stretched, relaxed and trained on the soft, elastic mat of the kybun mat, which brings the body into a natural, upright posture. This releases tension and imbalances. The standing and posture muscles are strengthened in a targeted manner. Back pain can be relieved by switching between tensing and relaxing the muscles.

Initial reactions

Specific initial reactions with existing back problems/back pain:

If you are not yet used to the kybun shoe or have been suffering from back problems for some time already, you may initially experience pain with the kybun shoe. One reason is that the hip and back musculature is still weak or shortened. Your body assumes a new posture while walking in the kybun shoe or on the kybun mat. You stand more upright than previously in ‘normal’ shoes with their stiffer soles. This is an unaccustomed challenge for your back, which has to get used to the different distribution of pressure.
If you experience new, unfamiliar back pain in the kybun shoe, this is a sign that great demands are being placed on your body by using the kybun shoe. In this case we advise you to perform the kybun exercises and, if this no longer helps, to take a short kybun break so that your back can recover.
Once your back musculature is strong enough and your back is more relaxed, the initial reactions will be alleviated and you can walk in the kybun shoe for increasingly longer periods.


Click here for the general initial reactions experienced by kybun mat and kybun shoe beginners: Initial reactions

kybun exercises

For information about the special kybun shoe exercises or the basic kybun mat exercises, please click here: kybun exercises

Application tips

If you experience back pain in the kybun shoe or on the kybun mat, or if your familiar back pain gets worse, this may have several reasons (e.g. tense muscles, unfamiliar movements for the back).

We advise you to perform the kybun exercises regularly every now and again. They loosen your musculature and you are less likely to assume a passive posture, which puts strain on the back.

Choose a kybun shoe with a lower rebound effect. It provides you with greater midfoot stability. Ask your kybun dealer to show you the various models.

If you experience severe fatigue even with the kybun exercises, feel pain or in case of lateral/medial rolling on the kybun shoe sole, we advise taking a short kybun shoe/kybun mat break until the symptoms go away.

Maintain an upright body posture, do not make your steps too long and keep your gaze forward (do not look at the ground). You should walk straight on the kybun shoe sole and correct any lateral/medial rolling of the ankle joint!

Should your back pain continue even though you are following the application tips, please seek advice from your kybun dealer.

Opinions/customer testimonials

I walked a bit funny initially, and it took some time, but now I don’t have any pains whatsoever in my spine. I’m happy that I have this shoe. I would never give it away! Without a doubt, I would never give these shoes away. I still have other shoes, but I must say that I don’t wear them very often. Thanks to the kybun shoe, I’ve been bringing the dogs for a lot of walks, and that’s been the best thing ever!
After 18 full marathons and several half ones, I recently had to quit running because of pain in the lower back and the legs. The medical diagnosis was Spinal Stenosis. But I never stopped moving. Thanks to the combination of kybun shoes and Pilates, I am able to make long walking-tours and hiking in the wonderful Finnish nature.
I realised that if you sit and work at a computer, you automatically adopt the wrong posture. The standing desk and the mat in combination help me to greatly improve my posture. Since buying them, I really feel that I have less back pain. I regularly had it in the past – and now it’s gone. I feel much more agile and comfortable at work.
I do mostly wear them for walking, for long days at work. I wear them if I have to walk or stand for long periods. I think these are the best shoes and I have no pain in my back or knees. Without fail, I always wear the green and white shoes when I go to a St Gallen football match.
I had trouble walking for almost two years, since I had a herniated disc. Then a friend gave me a pair of these shoes. I wore them regularly when I went out, which helped me walk again. Now everything’s good again. Thanks to the kybun shoe? Yes, thanks to kybun and my prayers.
I wear them a lot and don’t have any foot or back pain anymore.
When I wore conventional shoes, I had pain in my back and, as you’d expect, in my feet. But the pain has gone now. Disappeared.
Each day, we spend 14 to 15 hours on our feet, and these shoes keep us from developing back and foot pain. It’s a great feeling.
The real benefit for me is that I’m comfortable when walking and have a lightness to my step. I don’t have a limp despite two surgically repaired hips, and my feet don’t sweat and are never tired. My feet are moving, I feel good and I stand up straight. I no longer hunch over, and my back pain is gone. The kyBoot is everything I had hoped for from a custom shoe.
I’ve been wearing kybun shoes for a couple of weeks now and I am so impressed by these shoes! I wear them both indoors and outdoors. Seven years after my amputation, I have finally found a shoe that comes close to restoring the quality of life I had before. They are lightweight shoes and you don’t feel them on your feet, so it’s like walking barefoot. My back is more relaxed and is no longer painful. The anti-slip sole also makes them really secure. Sure, the price isn’t exactly enticing. But what’s important is that the shoe makes a positive difference, so it’s worth spending a bit more.
I suffer from lymphoedema in my right leg and foot as well as back problems. Ever since I started wearing the kybun shoe, my back pain has reduced dramatically, and I’ve experienced fewer problems with my leg as well. I’ve noticed that walking has become more of an exercise, but without being uncomfortable. Quite the opposite, in fact: I feel like I’m walking on clouds.  Mr Zeller provided excellent advice and support, and showed himself to be a true expert. He was able to provide many helpful tips for my specific problems, and I benefitted from his advice immensely. Getting to test out the shoes for a few days at the beginning was priceless, of course.
Ever since I started using my kybun mat, I no longer experience back problems in connection with my slipped disc. My back musculature is strong, and the ‘active’ standing position I assume on the mat has had a positive effect on my legs. 
While watching an ice hockey game from the standing terraces in December 2013 (not wearing kybun shoes!), I injured myself and ended up with a slipped disc. By consistently wearing kybun shoes, doing exercises on the kybun mat and so on, the effects of the slipped disc diminished progressively. As a result, most of my day-to-day life is now pain free.
It was great to try something new, since I often have back pain when I sit for a long time, and my eyes begin to close when I am particularly tired. You are constantly in motion when you are standing on the mat, which makes you feel active and keeps you more awake. It leaves a tingling sensation afterwards – I feel like I’ve just received a foot massage. I think it’s great.
I can’t imagine going to a trade fair without kybun shoes anymore. I always feel fit and active in the evening after my day at work instead of having heavy legs and back pain.
I was having recurring problems with the soles of my feet; I would start to feel pain in them after standing for some time. I also often had tired feet. It felt like I was standing on a pillow. I thought to myself, this is definitely good for me. Since then, I have had no more pain in the soles of my feet and my legs don’t get tired. I used to also feel pain in my sciatic nerve, but this pain is now also gone.
Since the beginning of January 2015 I (77 years old) couldn't walk more than 50 meters because of numbness and pain in both legs. I was diagnosed "Central Stenosis" of lumbar spine. I was told by several doctors that I will need to have spinal operation. My wife Stavroula (72 years old) had a similar problem 1 year ago. She couldn’t walk more than 30 meters because of left leg pain. She was diagnosed with “Lateral Stenosis”.  She overcame her problem after intense physical therapy, acupuncture, exercise and progressive walking with kybun shoe after her physiotherapist recommended it. After all her treatment she was walking 2 km without rest, thus she suggested me to try first the same approach. After 4 months of therapy I could walk close to 1 km. I hesitated to buy kybun shoe even I liked a lot, as I tried them for one day. My wife tried to persuade me to buy them because as she said they are not ordinary shoes but they are a valuable equipment. I hesitated because of the cost which was almost my half pension.  Now two months after wearing these wonderful shoes I feel very satisfied for my decision to buy them. I walk with my wife every day for 75 minutes with a fast pace. We compete with each other about who is going to finish first. Our goal is to walk 10 km a day with kybun shoe in a couple years, when we are going to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. 
The main improvements for me is that my knees get less tired, I have no pain in my feet and due to standing 10-12hrs a day at work, my lower back used to hurt. Since I began using kybun shoe two years ago, this is not a problem anymore.
In December 2014 I bought a pair of kybun shoes and after about 14 days my sciatica pain disappeared completely. Subsequently, I purchase then one more pair for having little switching. Another change I have noted is that I am now able to go over much longer distances without getting tired. All thanks kybun shoe system. So now that summer is approaching I bought a pair of kybun sandals so I am ready for it! Greetings from a very satisfied customer
I feel like my posture is more upright and my walk is more rounded. I no longer feel any shocks and I don’t have back pain in the evenings any more. For me, the air holes are a plus. My feet often get sweaty, but now I always have dry feet thanks to the ventilation.
In the beginning, I tried doing exercises in the morning. Sometimes strengthening exercises, stretching exercises or movement exercises. Then I thought of going jogging because that’s something I used to do a lot. But I was unable to incorporate it into my daily routine. It took up too much time. Then I came across kybun and stood on the kybun mat, stood on a soft surface and went walking in kybun shoes. That’s when it became possible to incorporate exercise into my daily routine, above all into my daily routine at work. I no longer need to take painkillers. I wouldn’t start taking them now either. There’s no need. I feel like my back is really healthy, and I don’t have any pain. I can lift things and travel between 40,000 and 45,000 kilometres every year. I know this isn’t good for me. I also need to lift a lot at work, but I don’t have any problems anymore.
These are the most comfortable and supportive shoes I have ever worn. As a somatic psychologist, I am well aware of the importance of having your feet support the rest of your body. The kybun shoes provide great support for my lumbar spine. I am 72 years old and play a lot of golf, so every once in a while my back is sore. All I have to do is take a walk in my kybun shoe and my back feels completely relieved. Moreover, they make me feel as if I am walking on air. In the past the first thing I did when I came home from the office is to remove my shoes. Now, I am reluctant to take them off; they are more comfortable than my slippers. So for comfort and support, I can no longer wear any other shoes. My second pair will be arriving soon, and I am already thinking about my third pair. They are worth every penny.
I have suffered from upper and lower back pain for a long time now. Due to the nature of my work, you could say I’m ‘chained’ to the dental chair for more than eight hours a day. I have to bend over the patients I’m treating, meaning my back muscles are always tense. I came to a turning point at age 60, when a physiatrist friend of mine advised me to wear kybun shoes. It was the solution to almost all of my postural problems. Taking a walk in my new kybun shoes is worth more to me than a session with an osteopath or an hour of Pilates! Aside from the wonderful feeling of walking on a cloud, my posture instantly rebalances and my back pain slowly disappears. I’m so happy with them that I bought one pair for the hospital where I work, another for my private practice, a sportier pair for spring and a winter pair for rainy days. Now I can’t get along without them. I also wanted to give a pair to my brother, who is an officer in the Carabinieri. He has had several operations for badly herniated vertebral discs. He was also very happy and satisfied with this new approach, after having tried many alternative therapies. But all these words are a waste of time ... you need to try them to understand the comfort, quality and therapeutic properties! You have to try them to believe it! Thank you, kybun. I will always be grateful to you. I will only buy kybun shoes!
I have a problem with my back and on my knees. They were burdened from the weight of my body. At some time I felt my legs to become stronger since trying to balance on the shoes made me exercising them continuously withtout big effort. Wearing them for a long period it makes you feel familiar with this.
I have scoliosis since childhood, probably as a result of 1 cm one leg short, I'm still living with pain (in the back, below the right shoulder blade, then began to manifest pain in the hip). I did not know nothing about Swiss footwear brand kybun. Fortuitously, I met a man that works with the company kybun. I studied the technology and started with trust to wear kybun shoes. After one year and two months since I got the kybun shoe, I can 100% certainty that biomechanoterapi works. No pain under the shoulder blade! I have no pain in the hip, strengthened stability in the legs. I thank God that he took care of my health and gave me new friends.
I'm amazed by the shoe. Just after a few days my back stopped hurting and I feel more stable. Its amazing. Thank you for giving me health.
For me, things were not going well; my shoes stopped me from doing a lot. I could not walk much in my shoes and had a lot of pain in my back, upper legs and hip. Then, I saw kybun shoes in the shop and went in to find out what sort of shoes they were selling. I then got a pair to try and immediately thought “Wow.” I had never experienced shoes like them. I almost had to hold onto the counter or else I would have fallen over, as I was a little wobbly at first. However, I quite quickly realised that this is very good for my body and that it would help me to cope with my pain so that I could get on much better in the future. All I had to do then was sign my name and I got a pair of shoes to try out. I was only interested in wearing the shoes for nearly a good week at least to see how I got on with them myself. On Tuesday afternoon, I received the shoes and, on Friday morning, I wore the shoes again and have had no more pain since. I have no more pain in my hip and back. No more pain at all, it’s all gone!! I had actually planned to have surgery on my hip this year, but it now looks like I no longer need the operation. I highly recommend these shoes to anyone who has problems with their bones and skeletal structure. Everyone should put aside a little bit of money when they have it if they cannot pay for them all in one go. This way, you can afford the shoes after saving up. It will do wonders for your health, that’s all I can say. I’ve experienced it myself and now bought two pairs of shoes. I saved up for them, too and have also saved even more. I buy things that I see that are good for me and my wife, and these two pairs of shoes are great for just that.
I would highly recommend wearing kybun shoes during pregnancy. For me, it was the perfect shoe to wear during the day to relieve the increased pressure on my feet and other joints and gently strengthen my body at the same time. I often felt physically tired, but my kybun shoes motivated me to keep moving and remain active during my entire pregnancy. Walking is so comfortable that even on days when you’re tired, you still feel like walking for a few kilometres. And you feel very fit afterwards. Another thing I love about kybun shoes is how they activated circulation in my legs. I suffered from circulatory problems and would often suddenly feel a strong, shooting dizziness sensation, particularly in the mornings. That’s why I was so happy to find a shoe that activated my circulation! Wearing the shows, together with surgical stockings, really made me feel a lot better. I never had the back pain that many pregnant women suffer from. I don’t know if I was just lucky or if it was thanks to my daily exercise in my kybun shoes. I’m pregnant now for the second time and enjoying walking in my kybun shoe to relieve the strain on my body and exercise at the same time.
I always wear the shoe at home or when I’m travelling with the team. I wear the kybun shoe in my leisure time as well. Since I started wearing the shoe, I have far less back pain.
Walking with pain used to be part of my daily lifestyle. I suffered heavily from lower back aches and sore heels, not to mention my feet would constantly feel extremely hot after long hours of standing. It was not until I saw a small advertisement which had three simple words, "Walk-on-air",kybun shoe. After that everything changed. That very night, the internet supplied me all I needed to know about kybun and before I knew it , I was ordering my first pair of kybun shoe. Only I ordered the wrong size! Images of horrific online shopping stories started swirling in my head, as I begun the dreadful customer service phone procedure, only to be greeted by a wonderful lady. She cheerily greeted me, and after I explained my terribly awkward mishap, promptly gave me perfect advise for shoe sizing and settled the ordering purchase immediately. Now I wont lie, I love walking on air. Experiencing the first moments of putting on my kybun shoes felt like relearning how to walk again. This time, pain free. It was enjoyably hysterical when I took my first few steps as my ankles had to read just to the softness of the floor bed. Once I got the hang of it, I noticed immediately that the pain on my lower back was alleviated. It occurred to me that a lot of pressure that was initially borne by my back was now transferred away and that my body was more relaxed during my normal walking form. The heat from my foot soles seemed to develop much more slowly, and generally walking has now become a pain free experience. Thank you kybun for giving me the gift of enjoyable walking, and for being a company that not only is proud of its shoes, but has a service family that sincere, heartfelt and seriously amazing. I cant begin to thank you guys enough!
The shoes help relieve my lower back pain. I’ll wear kybun shoes whenever I know I will be walking a lot that day. After a long day, when I remove the shoes, I could hardly walk on the hard floor because the kybun shoe makes walking more comfortable.
Ich hatte einen Arzt der mir Morbus Bechterew diagnostiziert hat und mir gesagt hat, dass ich jetzt mein Leben lang ein entzündungshemmendes Schmerzmittel nehmen müsste. Selbstverständlich könne ich es auch mit anderen Mitteln wie z.B viel Bewegung versuchen. Ich bin der Meinung, dass mir nachfolgend das kybun Training, das weich stehende Arbeiten und der kybun Schuh geholfen haben, die Schmerzen komplett zum verschwinden zu bringen. Es ist auch so, dass die Rückenschmerzen zurückkommen, wenn ich einmal über 1 – 2 Wochen nichts mache.
Ohne meine kybun Schuhe kann ich mir mein Leben nicht mehr vorstellen. Ich habe bereits fünf Paar und laufe ausschliesslich darauf. Herrlich bei Rückenprobleme und künstlichen Gelenken. Ich gehe ‘‘federnd‘‘ durch die Welt. Vielen Dank für diese Schuhe.
The shoes came to my attention at an event, where I had the chance to try on a pair of kyBoot shoes. After two hours of walking around I was sure that I needed these shoes for my next trade fair. What impressed me the most was that you are constantly in motion and stand more upright. The effect that had on me was that my back pain disappeared. I was always in pain after one or two days of office work. Since starting to wear these shoes, I have effectively not had any more trouble.
Well, the benefit is definitely if you stand for long periods, for instance, or work in sales, then you really don't get any back pain any more. That's what I always find.
I've known the kyBoot, and before that MBT, for quite a while, as I've known Karl Müller for many years. When I joined the choir, we had to dress up in white, so I went out looking for white shoes and found a pair of moccasins made for medical staff. But after the long concerts I always had hot, sore feet and my back hurt. I remembered the kyBoot and bought myself a white pair. Emanuel Sieber asked me what I needed the shoes for and whether I worked at the hospital. I explained that I needed the shoes for the choir, and that's how we got talking.
When I started working at the laundry, I always got backache when doing the ironing. I went to the back pain advice centre, where they let me try out the kybun shoes. I was even allowed to try out the shoes at home and at work. My back trouble vanished immediately. That was the key point for me: otherwise, I would have had to look for a new job. In the end, I chose these sandals. 
I've already had two slipped discs. And on top of that I have trouble with my knees: I have split kneecaps, which actually isn't that unusual. Lots of people round the world have them. But it has given me a lot of gyp. I used to work in an opera house, and that was physical work. That's why I was forced to give up that job to go back into education or retrain to return to my old job. Since then, I've managed a couple of months without pain. That is, I still get exercise. I strengthen my stomach and back muscles. At first I was quite sceptical about kybun shoes, as I didn't like the way they looked. But I told myself that if they might be of benefit, I should at least try them out. Now I never want to be without them again. The feeling I have when I walk and my general wellbeing are quite different.
I am very satisfied with kyBoot. I never want to do without them. Because of my slipped disc, these shoes are ideal. What's more, there's not as much pressure on my bones as with normal shoes that hit the ground hard.
Guten Tag
Was ich in den letzten 16 Monaten erlebt habe, klingt wie ein Wunder. Zu verdanken habe ich es, davon bin ich überzeugt, zu einem sehr grossen Teil Ihrem Schuhwerk. Ich (56) trage regelmässig, passend zur Situation, den Trekkingschuh, die Sandale und im Winter den Winterstiefel. Sport gehört zu meinem Leben, seit ich Kind bin: Kunstturnen bis ich sechzehn war, Skifahren seit ich zwei bin und dazu gelegentlich zehn weitere Sportarten. An der Schule unterrichte ich Sport, habe nach dem Skirennsport (nationale Ebene, kein Spitzensport) die Berufsausbildung zum Ski- und Snowboardlehrer gemacht. Von Dezember bis Mai fahre ich leidenschaftlich gerne Ski und unterrichte auch.
Am 15. Februar 2013 bin ich in Montafon beim Freeriden nach einem Sprung über eine natürliche Geländeform in ein Loch gesprungen. Resultat s. Beurteilung aus folgendem MR -Bericht, Originaltext:
"Grad III- Läsion des medialen Seitenbandes proximal. Schräg von der Basis in die Unterfläche verlaufende Rissbildung im medialen Meniskushinterhorn. Lateraler Meniskus intakt. Nicht dislozierte Impressionsfraktur am latero-ventralen Tibiakopf, Spongiosafraktur am lateralendorsalen Kondylus. Keine Ruptur des vorderen oder hinteren Kreuzbandes.Wahrscheinlich vorbestehende leichte retropatelläre Chondropathie (Grad I). Grosser Erguss. Bakerzyste an typischer Stelle."
Nach langem Hin-und Her folgte ich mit meinem Entschluss dem Rat des Chirurgen, der von einer Operation abgesehen hatte. Das bedeutete, erst gar keine Belastung, dann das Eigengewicht des Beines und schliesslich nach 8 Wochen, Krücken gänzlich weglassen. Dank des weichen Auftritts, wagte ich von Beginn weg in Schritten zu gehen(durch positive psychische Beeinflussung). Es folgten erste Veloversuche und am 6. Juli die erste grosse Biketour von Interlaken über Habkern, Lombachalp, Sörenberg, Panoramastrasse, Giswil. Ohne Schmerzen!!! Am 31. Oktober stand ich auf dem Diableretsgletscher erstmals wieder auf den Skiern. Dann folgte eine lange Saison, natürlich inklusive (nachgeholte) Freeride-Week im Montafon, die ich vor einem Jahr leider nicht hatte beenden können. Seit Mai ist die Saison abgeschlossen und ich zeige im Turnen meinen Schülern ab und zu Sprünge vom Minitramp vor. d.h.:
Volle Bewegungsfreiheit und seit August 2013 NIE MEHR SCHMERZEN gehabt, dafür aber fast rund um die Uhr (Sandalen trage ich im Winter als Hausshuhe) einen Kybun-Schuh an den Füssen.
Dazu kommt, dass bei mir vor Jahren ein Bandscheibenvorfall diagnostiziert worden ist. Damals habe ich MBT-Schuhe getragen. NIE MEHR RÜCKENPROBLEME gehabt!
Dem Schicksal, dem behandelnden Arzt, der Therapeutin- ihnen allen bin ich zu grossem dank für besten Beistand verpflichtet.
Das grosse Erstaunen in meinem Freundes-Familien-Sportlerkreis über den sensationellen Heilungsverlauf meines Unfallknies (seit November 2013 ist das Dossier beim Arzt abgeschlossen, seit Oktober gehe ich nicht mehr in die Physio) und meine Überzeugung, dass Ihre Schuhe mit höchster Wichtigkeit zur Genesung beigetragen haben, bewogen mich zu diesem Schreiben.
Vielleicht tragen Antworten Ihrer Kunden, wie diese hier, auch dazu bei, dass Krankenkassen künftig einen Beitrag an die Anschaffungskosten leisten.
Ich hoffe, dass Sie weiterhin innovativ forschen und entwickeln und freue mich, bei Ihnen als Kunde in besten Händen zu sein.
Mit riesiger Dankbarkeit und freundlichen Grüssen,
Doris Blum
Lesen Sie hier  PDF (103 KB) das Original-Mail als pdf.
In 2010 I tore a ligament in my knee and I had sever pains in my knee, until I came across kyBoot shoes that were recommended to me and I started wearing them, and what a miracle! After I got used to them, the shoes did their job and the pain decreased. I recommended the shoes to my husband who has back pain, to my brother and sister, and I think all of them enjoy the shoes and are happy.
For many years I had back pain that increased with time, I looked for remedies in different methods: orthopedic insoles, special shoes… And unfortunately they all provided partial relief that did not eliminate my pain. I came across kyBoot shoes and I decided to try them. To my surprise, as I started to get used to them and walk in them more and more, the shoes proved themselves and gave me relief, they did not eradicate the pain completely, but eased my pain and helped me walk around and stay well and therefore I intend to buy a second pair. I had recommended them to my wife, who bought them too and I recommend them to my friends and I think that the shoes have a wonderful future.
My work in the clinic involves a lot of movement: sitting, standing… Now I suddenly I have a shock absorber, which is very important; it helps me with my back pain. I really feel like I am walking on air. I have less back pain and fewer problems that I had on daily basis. I can gladly say that I have recommended the shoes to friends and also on my Facebook page and to my dentist friends, and as a teacher of agronomy an all that is connected with that field, I hope that my recommendation is considered a professional opinion.
I am an event producer and while working I walk many hours during the day, from morning till afternoon. I wear my working clothes and at 5 pm I change into formal dress, so I look elegant. I haven’t found a pair of shoes that are comfortable, that I can wear and walk in up to 6 pm. By the time the event began I would be in pain: pains in my knees, in my back, I used pain killers, ointments and so on. The event had not started yet and I would be in tatters. Until I came across the ideal thing: kyBoot shoes. From the moment I put them on my body felt differently immediately, really, no kidding. There was a different feeling in my body. I felt less pains, until they disappeared completely, after the third or fourth time I walk in the shoes. I was not in pain. I started to produce my events in leisure, without pain killers or ointments. I recommend them to anyone, whatever the pain, they can help everyone.
Nach einem doppelten, offenen Beinbruch mit langem Heilungsprozess begann ich den kybun Schuh zu tragen. Bereits nach wenigen Wochen stellte ich eine positive Veränderung der gesamten Bewegungsabläufe fest. Die Schmerzen im Bein, den Füssen und dem Rücken verschwanden. Die verschiedenen Modelle machen es mir möglich, täglich gut beschuht unterwegs zu sein. Sei es im Gästebetrieb, mit den Pferden oder auf der Weide.
Ich habe seit zwei Jahren Fersensporn, der sehr schmerzhaft ist. Gleichzeitig litt ich an Rückenschmerzen. Seit ich den kybun Schuh habe, sind meine Schmerzen im Fuss fast nicht mehr zu spüren. Jetzt sind diese Probleme wie ausgelöscht. Ich möchte mich beim Erfinder des kybun Schuhs und seinem Team ganz herzlich für diesen wundervollen Schuh bedanken.
Ich bin Kirchenmusikerin und hatte, bedingt durch die angespannte Sitzhaltung an der Orgel, häufig Verspannungen im Rücken- und Schulterbereich. Seitdem ich den kybun Schuh trage, hat sich meine Haltung deutlich verbessert und die Verspannungen sind merklich reduziert!
Mir gefällt der Schuh sehr gut. Ich habe keine kalten Füsse mehr. Meinen Gelenken geht es gut und meine Rückenbeschwerden sind so gut wie weg.
Als Handwerksmeister trage ich den Schuh 8 Std. täglich. Keine orthopädische Einlagen, keine Gelenk- oder Rückenschmerzen. Einfach ideal.
Ein wunderbarer Schuh. Beim Bügeln bekomme ich keine Rückenschmerzen mehr. Möchte diesen Schuh nicht mehr missen und freue mich über die Neueröffnung des kybun Shops in Ahrensburg. Mein Mann hat eine künstliche Hüfte mit nunmehr einem verkürzten Bein und hat mit diesen Schuhe keinerlei Probleme, weil die Sohle den Körperdruck ausgleicht. Ich, besser wir, können diese Schuhe nur empfehlen.
These shoes take a load off my knees and back when I’m walking. My postural defect when I walk also affects my joints. With these shoes I can correct my posture. Since the middle of December I have had far less trouble than before. In the night I can sleep much better as I am in far less pain. I can only recommend these shoes.
Ich hatte zwei Bandscheibenvorfälle. Ich spüre jetzt, dass mir das Tragen vom kybun Schuh gut tut.
Wegen einem Bandscheibenvorfall musste ich meinen Beruf als Dachdecker aufgeben. Heute trage ich meine kybun Schuhe täglich und bin beschwerdefrei.
Seit ich den kybun Schuh trage habe ich keine Rückenschmerzen mehr und die Kniebeschwerden haben auch abgenommen.
I have two herniated discs for the past 4 years, that bother me quite a lot. Since I started sleeping on the kySsen, the pain is more bearable and my spine is relieved. Its like laying on a cloud that adapts to my neck.   I can easily get out of bed without first sitting up on the bed side.  I can just up in one fell swoop and nothing hurts. 
The benefit is simply that you have fewer foot complaints. Your feet hurt less, they're less sore and you can keep these shoes on much longer without problems.You also don't have back pain, in my case, anyway.  Watch the video
I wear them every day: after all, I'm not 20 anymore. And as you get a bit older you naturally realise that your health comes first. I have long-term carry-over problems with my back and my knees – partly a legacy of my career, which was relatively long, so they certainly support me with that and help me continue to age well. I've now really found that they take the stress off me as after all, you do always have to use and activate even your smallest muscles, so they activate muscle fibres that might have slacked off a bit. And that's probably the key to success. I don't want to get all medical: I don't know enough about that, but I'm simply happy to have these shoes on my feet.
"kyBoot help you keep balance and activate your muscles, from your toes to your back: they are helpful in the treatment of pain in the heels and forefeet, and are a method of choice to support the treatment of pain in the Achilles tendon and back."
"Since June 2009 I have been wearing kybun shoes whenever possible in my job as a postal worker and all my spare time. I hardly have any back pain any more and my varicose veins are just a bad memory. I am delighted and no longer like to walk in any other shoes."
"I often have bad back pains, so I wear the kybun shoe whenever I can. I love the soft, supple shoe; it feels amazingly comfortable."
When I tried the kybun shoe for the first time I could not believe how comfortable these shoes were. After a few weeks of wearing them I knew they were not only comfortable but they really worked too! They relieved my backpain which is almost a constant companion of a professional athlete. I can't take them off my feet!
I can stand in these shoes all day with no trouble at all. If we have to be ready at 3pm though the concert doesn't start until 7pm, I don't feel a thing. I don't have any trouble, either in my back or my knee, and my feet are not sore either. It's really worlds apart, like day and night.
I have problems with slipped discs, from motocross racing. Those problems are the reason why I wear kybun shoes.
Also für mich gibt es nichts Besseres als den kybun Schuh - ich habe heute das 13. Paar gekauft. Ich habe gar keine anderen Schuhe mehr. Eigentlich für jedes Wetter, für alles, auch für den Sport habe ich eigentlich nur noch diesen Schuh, zum laufen… phantastisch. Ich bin ganz begeistert davon. Ich habe ihn vor allem gekauft, weil ich viel Rückenschmerzen hatte und Arthrose in den Füssen. Und seit ich diesen Schuh habe, habe ich mindestens 50 % weniger Schmerzen. Dann laufe ich so, wie es beschrieben ist, wie auf Wolken – Wolke sieben, wie man so schön sagt. Und vor allem kann ich länger laufen: vorher konnte ich mit einem normalen Schuh etwa eine Stunde laufen und hatte dann Schmerzen. Heute laufe ich zwei, drei Stunden, mit Pause sogar vier Stunden hintereinander.  Video ansehen
Ich habe selber Rückenbeschwerden und habe so etwas noch nie erlebt. Auf der kybun Matte fühle ich mich wie zuhause, er ist sehr bequem und ich habe eine grosse Bewegungsfreiheit. Video ansehen
Ich habe zwei Bandscheibenvorfälle seit ca. 4 Jahren, die mich ziemlich plagen. Aber seit dem kySsen ist es viel besser und es entlastet die Wirbelsäule. Es ist wie auf einer Wolke, es passt sich an am Nacken. Man hat keine Verspannungen mehr, man steht einfach gemütlich auf, ohne zuerst auf den Bettrand zu sitzen. Man kann einfach in einem Ding aufstehen und es tut einem nichts weh.  Video ansehen
Ich bin 67 Jahre alt und habe meinen ab und zu aufgetretenen Rücken- und Fusszipperleins erfolgreich den Kampf angesagt. Mit dem kybun Schuh gehe ich auf dem weichsten Moosboden der Welt, ohne dass mein Befinden durch irgendwelchen Schmerz in Füssen oder Rücken beeinträchtigt wird. Immer wenn möglich - und das ist oft - trage ich den herrlichen und auch sehr schön aussehenden kybun Schuh. Ich wünschte mir, dass die Kollektion ausgebaut wird, und hoffe, dass im nächsten Winter auch Stiefeletten im Angebot sind. Heute fühle ich mich topfit! kybun sollte von den Krankenkassen mit Prämienrabatten gefördert werden. Die Kosten im Gesundheitswesen würden drastisch sinken!
Ich empfehle den kybun Schuh vor allem Menschen mit Rückenschmerzen und Venenproblemen.
Im kybun Schuh habe ich nach einem 12-Stunden Tag keine müden Beine und geschwollenen Füsse. Ich empfehle den kybun Schuh, um Rückenprobleme und Knieschmerzen durch das lange Stehen zu vermeiden.
Vor einem halben Jahr erlitt ich einen leichten Bandscheibenvorfall. Trotz Schmerzmitteln, konnte ich fast nicht mehr sitzen oder gar am Ort stehen. Sogar beim Gehen spürte ich Schmerzen im Kreuz, obwohl ich meine besten Turnschuhe anhatte. Mein medizinischer Masseur hat mich dann auf die kybun Produkte aufmerksam gemacht. Bald darauf habe ich mir zwei Paar kybun Schuhe, sowie eine kybun Matte gekauft. Seither bin ich begeisterter kybunianer. Meine kybun Schuhe dämpfen die Schläge im Rücken. Durch das regelmässige Spazieren wurde meine Beinmuskulatur gestärkt und ich spüre eine bessere Haltung beim Gehen. Dank der kybun Matte kann ich auch wieder am Stehpult arbeiten. Ich bleibe ständig in Bewegung und mein Rücken ist nie statisch. Ich bin froh, dass es mir heute gesundheitlich wieder besser geht. Ich bin überzeugt, dass mir auch die kybun Produkte einen Grossteil dazu beigetragen haben. Ich kann den kybun Schuh und die kybun Matte bei Rückenbeschwerden vorbehaltlos weiterempfehlen.
Ich fühle mich von Tag zu Tag wohler mit den kybun Schuhen. Ich merke auch, dass meine Rückenschmerzen immer mehr nachlassen. Seit vielen Jahren bin ich in der Physiotherapie. Da ich nachts wegen Rückenschmerzen mehrmals aufwachte und fast nicht mehr einschlafen konnte wurden diverse Untersuchungen gemacht. Immer wieder hiess es: operieren! Die ganze Wirbelsäule sei instabil. Ich habe alles versucht um dieser Operation auszuweichen und nun habe ich die Hoffnung, eine Lösung gefunden zu haben. Seit ich regelmässig mit den kybun Schuhen walken gehe, kann ich einige Stunden am Stück schlafen und bin am Morgen viel ausgeglichener. Mein Hund Harry und ich geniessen es, täglich mit den kybun Schuhen ein bis zwei Stunden durch das schöne Weinland zu walken.
I've always had back pain, for as long as I can remember. It spread into my legs giving me sleepless nights. After I'd really tried out almost everything, I thought this would be worth my while now. Especially as I know that your shoes are hugely important, and look out for it. So I went into a shop one day and had a look at everything. At first they gave me some shoes to try out, which I thought was great. I didn't want to spend that much money at first. I'd then only had these shoes on for 5 or 10 minutes when my knee hurt. At first I was appalled. They'd warned me about it, but I wouldn't have thought it would hurt that much. And then I was given a kyBounder and told to exercise on it 6–7 times a day. After just two weeks I realised that I could now stand on it on one leg without it hurting. Then I brought the mat back and bought my first pair of shoes. I haven't had any problems since.
It was a trial. After I'd stood in them for two hours I still felt great. I then waited another 9 months before I finally bought these shoes. After that I worked four days at a holiday trade show, two of which I spent standing, but I had no back pain. Now I'm a fan and believe in these shoes.
I had back pain, and on top of that my left leg is 2.5 cm too short. I'd tried almost everything. It's a congenital defect. At first I wore MBT shoes. I thought they were the best there is, but I couldn't walk in them. Even the specialists said I couldn't walk in them. I looked a bit further afield and came across the kyBoot. Thanks to someone working at the chemist's, ho let me take the shoes home straight away, I was able to try the shoes out. I wasn't convinced immediately; it felt strange and they "wobbled about” a bit. She actually said that my muscles might ache, but I didn't get that during the trial period, only later. After I'd got over the whole thing, I have to say that they're really great. No more cold feet. We already have three pairs and I'm getting another pair soon.
I came across kyBoot because I had back pain. My back had to deal with frequent jarring and it was painful. Then a customer pointed them out to me. She said I should try out softer shoes for a change. Then I tried out the kyBoot, and it got much better within a short time.
I'd recommend the kyBoot to anyone. Especially if you have trouble with your knees or back. It gives you much greater quality of life. Until now, I've never found any other shoe that's been of as much help.
As you're walking, it's springy. You're not simply walking on the hard ground. I don't know what it is, but in any case I don't have any back pain any more. It's striking. I used to have a lot of back pain if I spent a long time standing.
If you stand all day and don't get much exercise, then logically enough, you get backache, and that goes away in these.
I used to do motocross racing, and have had problems with slipped discs ever since. It's got much better since I've worn kybun shoes. I hardly have any back pain any more.
You can work better standing than when you’re sitting. Sometimes, sitting hurts your back. You can also pay much better attention, and work better. It’s also much more relaxing. When you sit, sometimes it can also make you kind of restless, and then you need to move around. Then you can go to the back. The students switch places every 15 minutes. It’s also fun to stand on the mats.

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